Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation

Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation (ATH) is a highly versatile tool for stereoselective reduction of C=O and C=N prochiral groups. Particularly useful appear the mono-tosylated 1,2-diamines as chirality inductors in the presence of a mixture of formic acid and triethylamine as a hydrogen source. Alternatively, isopropanol with metal hydroxides may be used. The structure of substrates plays very important role. The cyclic endogenous imines usually give highest optical yield of the products.Below, some examples of ATH applications are given:Res 1 Fig 1 ENUsing this protocol we were able to complete the synthesis of several natural products (cryspine A, trypargine) and some heterocycles of pharmacological importance (praziquantel, aptazepine).

Res 1 Fig 2 EN


We also found that simple monoterpenes like 1S-(+)-carene and R-(+)-limonene may be used as inexpensive chiral starting materials for the construction of N-tosylated-1,2-diamines that effectively serve as ligands in ATH reactions.

Res 1 Fig 3 EN

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